What is study method?

The Study Technology is a tool which all of us can use: pupils, educators, parents, actually everybody who wants to lay hands on new knowledge or help others to lay hands on new knowledge.

Here you find the answers for:

  • Why is someone giving up study?
  • Why can someone not concentrate?
  • Why can someone not grasp whats written in a text?
  • Why does someone not care to do homework?
  • Why is someone tired of school?
  • Why is school plain irritating?
  • Why is someone not completing an education?
  • Why is someone dropping out of school or a study?
  • Why is someone getting tired when studying?
  • Why is someone not able to work out how to do the homework?
  • and much more.

Hubbard has uncovered the 3 main barriers one can run into when one wants to lay hands on new knowledge. The unique here is, that you can read by the body language of the pupils what problem he has run into and especially, you will know, what you can do to handle the problem.

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