Dear Parents,

It's not always easy to be a parent. Especially not if one's child has subject problems in school. Because this effects a lot of other areas. In the child it looses the self confidence. This is also the case with the good spirit, as it's no fun, if what goes on in the class room is way over their heads. It's never fun to feel stupid. Homework can stink in the nostrils and it all end up in the home with hullabaloo. The school can be a torment and a place, where we almost have to carry the child every day. The child gets disinclined to go to school. And often you as a parent wants to help, but how ? There are several ways one can do this in connection with our materials.

  1. Do a course in the study method, thus you get familiar with the blocks which are causing the child professional problems, and what to do to handle.
  2. Buy one of the books and have the two of you go through the book and the drills you find throughout the book, which will get the child to use what he/she has learned.

Even though the book is written in a simple way, nothing of what you find here is earlier published in a book about education and learning.

Books for parents

Courses for parents

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